Episode 41: All about the GDPR & PIPL

EU has its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since 2016 and China issued the draft Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) – what do the 2 have in common?

Which companies should take careful notice of this and how? In this episode I found my co-partner Zach Lichtblau in Shanghai and Mr. Ronnen Gaito in Luxembourg willing to discuss this heavy topic in a relatively light conversation. Ronnen explains how in the EU companies were affected in their daily management by the GDPR, what you should take into consideration with cross border transfers and how it was implemented and executed and Zach compares that with the expectations of the PIPL in China.

Ronnen’s firm is RJ Gaito Law Firm and Zach’s is Bonnard Lawson International Law Firm & Equasia.